Nina & Nana in Dunkin’ Dozenuts

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Even though dozing in the middle of stuff happening is considered a domain of old folks and rather stereo-typically called having a senior moment, all of u have been in that meeting or that town hall where we can’t seem to stop ourselves nodding off.

Why am I talking about senior moments here, you ask?

Kanika & I found a recent news item (& I kid you not) about the National Sleepyhead day celebrations in Finland!

The festival had origins in the myth of Seven Sleepers of Ephesus in religion where a group of young men hide inside a cave to escape religious persecution and emerge 300 years later. Of late, of course, this has evolved into a day of informal celebrations and family fun where the last sleeping member of the family is carried out to the nearest water body (preferably a lake) and dunked in (while still sleeping).

You can read more about this hilarious festival here.


You can read Kanika’s take on the same toon here.

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