Nina & Nana in Escape Artist

scifi GIFblack hole falling GIF by Brandon Allen Bolmergiphy[3]

The science behind black holes and their strongman solo act in the cosmos has received considerable attention in recent years especially after the movie Interstellar. Who can forget Cooper’s death defying, time altering journey through a black hole at the end of which he arrives home to the horrifying spectacle of being half a century younger than his own daughter?

Personally, I have always been a huge fan of Professor Stephen Hawking and his work on making sure the complicated science behind this spectacle reaches the masses. You can read this portion of my second novel where I talk about Information Loss Paradox in detail. Hawking’s greatest achievement was showing that black holes emit radiation (which was named after him) due to quantum fluctuations near the event horizon. You can of course read what trusty wiki says about black holes here.

So what does Nina have to say about all this? Read on to meet the Escape Artist!




You can read Kanika’s take here.

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