Nina and Nana in Universal microwaves


Genius begets genius, wouldn’t you say? The idea for today’s toon came from Kanika’s little daughter Pell G when the mom-daughter duo were involved in making a scrapbook about the solar system,

See what Nina and Nana have to say about microwaves in space. Nina can learn a thing or two from Pell, that’s certain!


Every Friday, we will post a kid friendly joke, that is both informative and giggle-worthy. We invite you to post any interesting, surprising fact your kid shared with you, in the comments section of any Nina and Nana post, on either of our (mine or Kanika’s) blogs, and we will try our best to create a cartoon centered around the factoid. When we post the joke on a Friday, we will credit your child and tag you, if you are okay with that. Keep them coming!

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