Nina & Nana in Long Dead!


Look at the sight above. So peaceful and the perfect place to go hiking, don’t you think? Already packed your bags? Ah, so you are the one inside the tent! Ah, you are waiting for company?


Ewww, you have poor taste in company. Oh, wait, your company cannot taste at all!

Welcome to Roopkund lake aka the skeleton lake where 200 hundred ancient skeletal remains were found. The skeletons are believed to be, remains of people killed in a sudden violent hailstorm in the ninth century AD and scientists have told a really grisly tale based on the condition of the remains found. You can read all about it at this Wikipedia page. Yet the lake attracts tons of visitors for all its eeriness.

See what Nina & Nana have to say about this lake below!


You can read Kanika’s take here.

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