Maya & the Mind Mystics book tour

Hi folks. Thanks for stopping by. Most of you are familiar with my fiction blogs, sci-fi content and the occasional newspaper article. With all the buzz around my newly released book, I decided to let my characters do all the talking, describing what my novella is all about!

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The fatalism of the fairy tales and the realism of the mythology parable

The strange draw that fairy tales have for both children and adults alike is easily explained. The inescapable pull of happy endings for the adults and the childish wonder of supernatural happenings are undeniable.

The beauty of Belle, the goodness of Cinderella, the bravery of Hansel and Gretel, the curiosity of Rapunzel and even the naughtiness of Noddy are all traits that were at once the cause of their incarceration as well as the means of their salvation. The scintillating hope that is the undercurrent of almost every fairy tale – the hope of redemption, the hope that good can conquer evil and finally, the hope that the world can indeed be a beautiful place.

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The day I said enough- GP by Akshata Ramesh

IMG_5829There was pin drop silence in the room, as if someone had just dropped a bomb. Their shell shocked faces, eyes almost popping out, Rohan’s mouth wide open, like that of a fish, Shilpa’s expression of bewilderment – it was quite amusing. I would have laughed if it were a different situation

But it was not. Here I was, in the middle of a tsunami, unleashed by none other than me. A perfect Sunday morning, where everyone had woken up late, the delicious aroma of sambhar and the sight of the white fluffy idlis on the breakfast table meant they were just about to have breakfast.

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Those Pricey Maids! – GP by Shalzmojo


Women folk have stepped up their game and have conquered the hallowed realms of corporate, academic, entrepreneurship worlds. Be it board rooms or space ships to the moon – women are everywhere and striding far ahead of their male counterpart. Yet there is one sphere where their conquests have paled in significance and they seem to be depending on another section of the sisterhood to bolster up their team. Continue reading Those Pricey Maids! – GP by Shalzmojo


I am

Friday Foto Fiction

I am still here.

I hear the sound of betrayal.

I see the the dark light of the impending doom.

I pretend I don’t notice.

I touch the rock on my finger that’s the cause of it all.

I dream of tranquility.

I wonder about the pervasiveness of it all, in spite of everything that has happened.

I feel the grey-nothingness descending.

I would, yet, do it all over again just to watch the brilliance of his topaz eyes.

I was, I am and will be no more soon.

I am but a faint thought now, fluttering in the wind.

I am gone.

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The Gift

Maya’s face turned red as she looked at a photo of what looked like a mixture of hazelnut ice cream and mud over her face along with a magnificent black eye. Words failed her, while she started punching Har at every inch near her.

Laughing, Sunny said “Break it up, Maya. Har, thanks for the gift even though Maya doesn’t seem to appreciate it right now.”

Maya flounced away while peals of delighted laughter followed her.

Har hung around, helping Sunny to load her bags into Aks’ Pontiac and climbed into the car. The house was a glorious mess.

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Do you see me?

The setting sun was an omen. The masses toiled by the sun and enjoyed its life giving warmth but I wondered how many missed the coolness of the night and the other stars that the sun outshone everyday.

As I watched from thousands of miles away, I mused on how many, really had missed me and my journey. Here I was, tracing the same path seventy-six years later; yet it was the daily rise of the golden orb that all living things craved for.

With the bracing yet distant proximity of my journey away from the yellow sphere, I cannot but sigh at the fickleness of the humans.

I am the Comet Halley, returned yet again to trace my blazing path through the heavens! Do you see me?

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