The spoils

The multicoloured sunlight played in rainbow hues while Yadiel arranged his artwork for Popina’s benefit.

“Hey, Poppy. Is the fake-smile-facemask-man in the right angle?”



I have always been able to escape the real world and into fantasy tales as a kid. Every book, every page and every word that I read in my childhood left an indelible impact. Having achieved professional success in my chosen career, I was once again able to turn to the world of the words. I published my first fantasy thriller, Maya & the Mind Mystics  and joined the blogging world in the last quarter of 2017. The Cosmos and all it contains fascinated me from the 90’s as I grew up watching “Back to the future”, “Star Wars” and other sci-fi movies. My 2018 goal is to be the nuttiest of all the sci-fi nuts in my writings.

I have written for “The Hindu” newspaper, Women’s Web, mycity4kids along the way with a variety of topics ranging from offbeat stories, career tips, sheer fantasy, undiluted humour takes and science fiction.

Read, laugh, enjoy. Pen your thoughts, feedback and constructive criticism on the site and the posts. You can reach me via twitter or my FB page with the details on this page.

Author of Maya & the Mind Mystics, a fantasy thriller| Word sculptor| Wodehouse fan| chartered accountant| blogger| Always on the watch  for the proof of possibility of multiverse travel.