Chapter 3: Chyavana’s Charity

“Yes, the Chyawanprash in its pure form is rarer than the Amrit, that you and your Guruji guards. Chyavana will not part with it easily.”

Maya blurted – “But I need it to heal my mother!” before composing herself and exclaiming – “My lord, my mother’s memory is gone and she lies in a waking coma. Guruji told me this Chyawanprash is the only cure for whatever is ailing her.”

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Life By The Window Seat

Leslie looked dejectedly out of the window of the Orient express trying to ignore the nosy stares directed at her and the handcuffs across her hands. Reflecting on her life, she wondered how it had all gone so awry. She hadn’t had the usual excuses of poverty, negligence or bad parenting to blame on this rather spectacular fall from her station in life.

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