The twinkling threat

The grim exchange of insults between the leader of the free world and a dictator alarms the entire watching world. My take on this week’s “What Pegman Saw” prompt is a reflection of an extreme outcome should things get out of hand.

Dahlia Dances

The potted dahlias bloomed with bright colours framed in the distance by the red hibiscus. Kandasamy came closer for a look when he spotted Durai sitting in the chair.

The Gift

Rashid counted his leftover weekly pocket allowance. He regretted his illicit greediness over his daily pani pooris. His nine year old’s imagination, allowance and savings were limited.

The hand

It was a hand that had healed thousands. A hand that had held medicines for the patient, a hand that supported the weak and infirm, a hand that had never tired of reaching out to the sick, needy masses that flowed into the city hospital.

The goat track

As Jim whistled for his goats to hurry along the track, he saw the sky darkening. Snowy, the youngest kid in the herd, left her mother and leapt into his arms. Stroking her soft head, Jim was momentarily transported into the past.

The Lake

As Tim passed the Qubec lake on the way to his farm, he felt nostalgic. Relieving his past memories, he clearly remembered the day when his dad brought him on his first fishing trip to the lake.