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The fatalism of the fairy tales and the realism of the mythology parable

The beauty of Belle, the goodness of Cinderella, the bravery of Hansel and Gretel, the curiosity of Rapunzel and even the naughtiness of Noddy are all traits that were at once the cause of their incarceration as well as the means of their salvation. The scintillating hope that is the undercurrent of almost every fairy tale – the hope of redemption, the hope that good can conquer evil and finally, the hope that the world can indeed be a beautiful place.

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All the apples in the kingdom & a missing damsel

Aleksander stepped into his kingdom once again. Where another viewer saw a slightly seedy terrace overlooking newer apartment blocks and a small potted tree bearing mouldy apples, what Aleksander saw in his private kingdom was the tree of golden apples. It had always been so, ever since his baba (grandmama) had narrated “The nine pea-hens and golden apples” which had

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