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Cultural Cringe: An analysis of recent controversy surrounding Vairamuthu’s views

That Aandal existed and was a famed proponent of Bhakti-Mukti ideology of the 8th century was never in doubt. The recent controversy arises from the conflicting portrayal of her life story by Vairamuthu who seems to have based his research solely on another publication by a Marxist writer Daniel Selvaraj who wrote a rather dubious piece short of references and long on insinuations.

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The days gone by

I still distinctly remember the millennial year, 2000, for two reasons. One, that was the year I finished my Class X, with distinction. I still remember the anxiety wracked summer months while awaiting the CBSE board results, intermittently laced with the inevitable humour of the tall tales spun by fellow-students of their equally dubious forthcoming results. Two, that was the first time I spent considered time in a cyber café familiarising myself with the Internet and its then latest phenomenon, Google.

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The art of saying “No”

Saying “No” is the biggest challenge all of us face whether at the work place or at home. If you are a career woman, the chances are you are either highly overworked at both home and office or guilt ridden for always missing that meeting or worrying at all the home chores you left behind. How that “No” is communicated makes a world of difference. In workplace, the context and the tone and tenor is an important subtext.

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