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Nina & Nana in Forget-me-nut

We all know the antics of Alvin & the chipmunks but do you know how important the forest squirrel is to the ecosystem?

And their most important contributions to their forest home comes because they forget where they bury their nuts! Now that’s something you never hear from your mommy – the rewards of a bad memory!

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Nina & Nana in Solar Sailor

All of us have grown up watching Popeye and his antics after eating his spinach. If your mother was like mine, she took full advantage of Popeye’s spinach eating gusto to push me eat mine too.

At the time, I thought the toon was funny though cockamamie. So, when I found out that  scientists had discovered that spinach protiens and bacteria can be used to harness solar power, I was dumbfounded. Here was Popeye’s awesome predictive powers that I never knew! Rick Riordian should have based his oracles trilogy on Popeye rather than that jaded and whining Apollo!

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Nina & Nana in Harappa Granpa

It isn’t always that you come across news relating to your lineage splashed on the pages of national dailies. It is even more unusual when they completely contradict “known facts” that you “knew” all your life. This astonishing article yesterday in the Economic Times, upends decades, nay centuries, of legacy on the Indus Valley Civilization and more importantly, all our lineages!

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Nina & Nana’s Catch -22

But I found on further research that this strange fava bean aversion was not isolated to Pythogoras. Aristotle forbade eating them too because he thought they were harmful to the eater as they resembled genitals! (Ari, this is why you should have thought a little less and stepped out a bit more)

On a somber reflection Aristotle decided they resembled the gates of Hades too. Hmph…

That did make me think though. Aristotle was one of the saner geniuses in the ancient world so I decided to dig further. That’s when I found he was right about fava beans being harmful though just not for the reason he stated.

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