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From one bibliophile to another: Why my pre-teen self would have loved “Growing Pains”

The book is clear-eyed right from the beginning as to what’s main story. The short travails of a sick teenager, the raging hormones that come into play when Tara meets her big crush, Sid, his inexplicable distance, merely days from his many sweetheart visits to her sick room; Rashi’s exuberance all add to conjure a tale that’s instantly relatable to a modern day teenager’s life.

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A carnival of fun

Although I have published two novellas, “Maya & the Mind Mystics” and “The God, The Girl and The Gem” before, compiling this short stories collection (THE COCKATIEL CONFESSIONS AND OTHER COLLECTED WORKS) was still special as it featured a lot of stories back from when I first started writing. “The Cockatiel confessions” was the very first short story I wrote in my journey to being a writer.

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Book Review: 80 hours to save Karen

80 hours to save Karen is the tale of a retired air commodore who desperately tries to save his granddaughter after she is rendered comatose. The author has done a great job in setting the entire tale against a supernatural background providing the right amount of spooky details as the protagonist struggles to make sense of a drugged apple look-alike rubber ball and a murdered village physician who attended his comatose granddaughter with a sympathetic cop in the background.

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