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I am Lavanya. A Chartered Accountant by profession and a writer by passion. A Bibliophile, crazy Wodehouse fan and always on the watch for the proof of possibility of multiverse travel. Humour and fantasy are my favourite genres.

  • Confessions of a cockatiel

    Originally posted on THE LAV MUSE:
    Hi he-humans and she-humans – a chirpy day to you. Let me introduce myself first. I am Scooby, the cockatiel and I wanted to let off steam a bit by ranting my tale of…

  • Sunlight, shadows and buttons

    The dreary landscape, the rivers of blood which moistened it, the jackals that roamed freely in the dark searching for the wounded victims that nourished them day in and out – none of them occupied his thoughts now. He wondered how Stephanie and little Trey were. Did they miss him any more or had they moved ahead with their lives? Here he was anchored to a land he hated, all because of a guy who pushed big buttons which should have been out of his reach.

  • Malaysia – A visit and a cultural find

    Gentling Highlands chief attractions are its cable car rides, the casinos, the shopping malls and of course, its famed Arena of Stars that telecasts enthralling animated story lines complete with a dazzling display of choreographed light balls. As we were travelling during the Christmas season, we were treated to stunning reindeer moving images as well as a princess themed mini movie show.

  • The accidental invention

    The story of the origin of Donut dates back to the time before sentience appeared on the blue haven of resources that is called “The Earth”. The time when asgardians ruled the unthinking hordes on the earth was when the Donut was accidentally invented by Loki, the lord of mischief.

  • The Evolutionary Twist by Kanika Gee

    Vespa sat looking at the scenery around. The late afternoon sunlight streaming through the trees cast an orange glow on everything. Yet, the river was bright blue. Vespa wondered if there could be any truth in what Grandma had said. No, it was impossible. She must be turning senile.

  • Barbie’s Bitcoin

    Tina absently tapped on the wet car window with her left hand while her right busily tapped on her IPhone watching the mad dance of the Bitcoin trading.

  • The arrival

    Mikey stared at the makeshift cocoon of POP bones that had been assembled together in the same structural bent as the wall graffiti.  He had been warned off from befouling the wall, the first time he had started painting. The finished painting had stunned the watchman of the under-construction sub-way and all his loiterer pals. The mocks of an itsy-bitsy nine year old had vanished.

  • The refurbishment

    The refurbished fort reeked of modernity and quiet elegance. Rittu looked at it in wonder. The transformation from an old crumbling facade to this temple of glass and stone had been dramatic. Her thoughts flew back to the olden days when she had frolicked undisturbed here with Chimpu.

  • The days gone by

    I still distinctly remember the millennial year, 2000, for two reasons. One, that was the year I finished my Class X, with distinction. I still remember the anxiety wracked summer months while awaiting the CBSE board results, intermittently laced with the inevitable humour of the tall tales spun by fellow-students of their equally dubious forthcoming results. Two, that was the first time I spent considered time in a cyber café familiarising myself with the Internet and its then latest phenomenon, Google.

  • The basket of ignorants

    Queen Lucy looked at the bright orb. She knew this mauve orb decked in black had an important connotation but couldn’t remember what. She heard the hoofbeats of Willard, her brother, the High King’s horse close by.