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Have you read the my fantasy thriller, Maya & the Mind Mystics already? It has all the elements of a dynamic thriller: an epic quest, an unknown destiny and an unlikely trio who set out to conquer it. Journey through the nether world, travel to an ancient land and meet a people who exist for a purpose they have guarded for a millennium.


Book Excerpts:

Maya internally marvelled. “How big is this place? How is it that I keep discovering more and more places throughout the day?”

The master responded without turning back – “This place is exactly like your mind, Maya. It’s bigger on the inside than on the outside.”

Maya made a face and replied – “Thanks for the disciplinary lesson. All this goes to prove how something as awesome as Prof X’s powers can be repackaged into something as droll as disciplinary lesson if you have your family oldies present. Gee, thanks a lot.”

“Thanks, light dimmer.”
“You really know how to build a girl’s ego.”
“You are not a girl! You are my aunt.”

Har muttered “I am going to die” as Maya sub vocalized “Deny the anger, deny the calm” while the furies closed in.


The God, The Girl and The Gem: (#Maya & the Mind Mystics novella 2)

The best books in the world are those whose characters leap off the pages for their story to be told. This is my second book on Maya and Hari’s world. Though my first published work, Maya & the Mind Mystics does provide you an introduction to the gutsy girl and her charming friend, this book can also be read as a standalone novella.

So what makes this book special? As much as I am tempted to let you read on and find out for yourself, I did want to give you some warning about the journey you are about to embark into.

This novella draws on elements from the Hindu, Greek, Norse and Roman mythologies and provides a few head turners based on solid sci-fi. Oh, and let me see if you are up for the alphabet soup at the beginning of each chapter!

You will see God Krishna, Thor, Minerva and a not-to-be-named-scientist make prominent appearances. Read yet another fantasy tale featuring Maya and Hari on their adventures across time and space in a desperate attempt to find a cure for Maya’s mother. Watch Maya and Hari embark on a mind numbing quest and evading mythical creatures along the way.