Name Shame

What’s in a name is what most people ask. After all, we have been smugly told in our childhood that a rose is a rose is a rose no matter what you call it, so why should it matter?

Sadly this idiom is simply not true. From changing names for shrugging off association with corrupt parents as the daughter of a political fixer and former Trump employee did to changing names to make it more funkier, people live it up or down their names all the time. (I am reminded of a Tamil movie where the hero changed his archaic sounding name of Kunjithapadham to a more modern sounding name of Harish and watched his fortunes change with name change)

So why are we talking about names today? It’s because Kanika found that the people of Denmark can only choose baby names from a government approved list of 7000 names approx. Sounds horrendous, doesn’t it? Its apparently because the government of Denmark doesn’t want children bullied in schools because of their names.

See what Nina & Nana have to say about it today.


You can read Kanika’s take below:


  1. I wonder if it applies to pen names too 😉 In an interesting experiment a woman sent a manuscript of a book in the adventure genre to several agents, half under her own name and the other half under a male name. No prizes for guessing which set half had a outrageously higher acceptance rate and milder criticisms.


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