Flash Back

Selfies have been all the rage from almost a decade back. So much so, the urge to flash your molars in front of any phone cam may be hot wired as default behaviour in our genes!

But if you think we millennials invented this awesome sauce, you are plain wrong. An amateur photographer, some toxic chemicals and the world’s first original cool pose was what it took, way back on a bright, cool day in Oct 1839!

And that wasn’t Obama 🙂 (if you were fooled by the featured gif) – he just looks hilariously cool in this one to ignore if you are writing about selfies, as I am!

Robert Cornelius (yes, I know his name sounds corny but he wasn’t) took the world’s first selfie and opened Philadelphia’s first portrait studio but probably disgruntled by all the leery faces and crappy hairdo’s that drifted into his studio, he went back to his family’s lamp trade after a few years.

But our very own Nina isn’t cowed down of course by either the cool Obama or the original Cornelius. See what she has to say in today’s cartoon.




You can read Kanika’s take here.

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