Two headed trouble

Haven’t you ever had the feeling that two heads are better than one? With the furious pace of the current world, it sure would help, wouldn’t it?

I know what you are thinking – the three headed alien man in MIB II who dies helping the evil planetary fugitive/criminal out to destroy the earth – Serleena. I am too!

Sadly, two heads in real life are way more trouble than a pathway to being a genius. Just ask Thelma and Louise. Actually you can’t because they died precisely coz of this!

Thelma and Louise was a two headed turtle born in the San Antonio zoo. A mutant but definitely without the super powers of X-men wolverine. They died after a relatively short life of 13 months but Nana being Nana can’t stop himself from dreaming of a mock turtle soup. (Remember Alice in wonderland and the mock turtle?)


Read Kanika’s take below:


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