BlogchatterProjects 2017 – what worked for me and how it did.

In the November of 2017, I had published my first fantasy novella and was looking for ways to get the word out. The multiple rounds of editing and proof reading had wearied me even before the book release but something happened in Dec 2017 that made me sit up.

Blogchatter had launched their first #blogchatterprojects initiative and I had signed up with very little idea of what it was all about. Blogchatter enthusiastically responded to my email asking for details and told me a month long campaign to promote my book was a great idea. This was a start of a book campaign/publicity tour for my book “Maya & the Mind Mystics”.

Participating in this campaign was an eye opener. For providing promotional materials to blogchatter, I had to do book write ups, create posters and an ad campaign for drumming up interest in my book. Blogchatter provided broad outlines but left the specifics to my imagination. And boy! the ideas just kept coming.

All through the month, based on the schedule that Blogchatter had circulated early on, the hosts provided much needed social media awareness around the book launch. Apart from posters, I supplemented the campaign by providing readers with sample chapters for whetting their reading appetite and also limited free copies for garnering honest reviews. Blogchatter tweeted out my book campaign posters in their social media channels (mainly twitter)  and did linkup parties for the site links for detailed writeups.

By the end of the month, the efforts had clearly paid off. I had multiple unsolicited and most importantly, honest reviews up on Amazon as well as much needed footfalls and interest around the book and my site, .

Looking back now, a year later, I can see how my experience through that campaign finessed my social media skills as well as presentation skills around blog content and book blurbs. Looking forward to the #blogchatterprojects 2018!

You can register this year in the below link:

#BlogchatterProjects returns with Season 2






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