Surely you Iest!

Late arrivals do know how to make an entrance, don’t they? They are so much of a fad that all the coolest  “in peeps” are known in popular fiction and movies to ensure they arrive late and capture the attention of the rest of the party! If any of you have read Sweet Valley series and have followed Jessica Wakefield in your teens, you’ll know what I am talking about it.

But strangely this known theory of the latest being the coolest isn’t true when it comes to our alphabets. If you thought Z was the latest and the coolest to arrive you are dead wrong. Yes, it was the lowly J which was the last to arrive and it definitely took a lot of time to grab attention! If any of you wondered why Janus the two faced Greek god is actually pronounced as Yanus, this is why!

According to  Wikipedia, the letter J began as a swash letter, to denote the end of a series of ones in Roman numerals. Gian Giorgio Trissino was the first to distinguish I and J, thus making him the father of the letter J.

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