Nina & Nana in Deer fish

Most of us have grandiose plans or atleast daydreams of being impossibly different people at sometime or the other in varying points of our life.

Sometimes these grandiose dreams have helped humanity to reach greater heights (literally) for eg. when the Wright brothers dreamt of flying or when Usain Bolt taught us that limitations are often in our minds and of our own making.

But can a deer turn into a fish?

Apparently one deer tried to! To beat the New Jersey heat, a deer broke into a resident’s house and was merrily doing swimming laps until the scared resident called the police. Not turning a hair… Er… Tail…. The deer casually strolled off to the woods to spread news of this novel way to beat the heat among other denizens of the wood!

You can read more about this deer’s exploits below:

See what Nina & Nana have to say about it today!


You can read Kanika’s take below:


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