Nina & Nana in Got my Goat

goat eating green leaves beside vehicle
Photo by Tatiana Travel on

When any of us think of goats, we picture a bunch of staid animals that amble along eating grass along the wY. Or probably the fact that Gandhi drank their milk all his life due to his strict dietary vow.

But goats as anarchists?

A recent incident in the US proved that partying wild can happen with er… Goats gone wild too! They went on a rampage in a tiny town scaring the residents to death and practically held them hostage inside the safe of their buildings by eating everything on sight. The company that owned these goats was into the business of renting them out for eating the weeds and hence helping the renter to clear his gardens or yard. You can read more about the amusing incident here.

Hmmm, that puts Heidi’s Little Bear and Little Swan to shame for their certainly less colourful frolics, wouldn’t you say? (if you haven’t read the classic children’s novel Heidi, it’s time to do so! )

See what Nina & Nana have to say about this today!


You can read Kanika’s take below:


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