Nina & Nana in Alive & Divine

The Living Goddess of Nepal : Kumari |

Religion is a prickly thing. What is devoutly religious to some may be a puzzling happenstance to people from other parts of the world. While movies such as Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty might make your funny bones dance, real life Godly beliefs with a capital G isn’t always so.

As a practicing Indian Hindu, I am used to many schools of theologies and beliefs but the story of a Nepali custom I had heard many years back from a fellow student of Nepali origin had me intrigued.  According to a still practicing custom in Nepal, a girl child of not more than 5 years old is selected as an embodiment of Goddess Divine and is worshipped as Kumari, the virgin goddess. When the current Kumari reaches puberty, the search starts for the next girl child to be anointed. The kumari  is worshipped by everyone from the head of the government to the commoner of the country. While monarchy is abolished recently, the erstwhile hereditary kings used to worship the Kumari too!

Isn’t this what every girl dreams for? Not so fast! Former Kumari’s are forbidden to marry and to form romantic relationships for the remainder of their lives.

Read on to see what Nina & Nana have for you today!


You can read Kanika’s take and the facinating legend of Taleju, the Goddess who disappeared from her friend, the Nepali King below.

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