Nina & Nana in Dunkin’ Dozenuts

The festival had origins in the myth of Seven Sleepers of Ephesus in religion where a group of young men hide inside a cave to escape religious persecution and emerge 300 years later. Of late, of course, this has evolved into a day of informal celebrations and family fun where the last member of the family is carried out to the nearest water body (preferably a lake) and dunked in (while still sleeping).

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Nina & Nana in Got my Goat

A recent incident in the US proved that partying wild can happen with er… Goats gone wild too! They went on a rampage in a tiny town scaring the residents to death and practically held them hostage inside the safe of their buildings by eating everything on sight. The company that owned these goats was into the business of renting them out for eating the weeds and hence helping the renter to clear his gardens or yard.

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Nina & Nana in Alive & Divine

As a practicing Indian Hindu, I am used to many schools of theologies and beliefs but the story of a Nepali custom I had heard many years back from a fellow student of Nepali origin had me intrigued.  According to a still practicing custom in Nepal, a girl child of not more than 5 years old is selected as an embodiment of Goddess Divine and is worshipped as Kumari, the virgin goddess.

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