Would or Wouldn’t?

Rohit looked longingly at Ritu. Ritu smiled tantalizingly at him. As she stepped back slowly with her hands hidden behind, her eyes seemed to be challenging him to grab her. Rohit was torn. Was she really beckoning him or was she simply raising his hopes again only to dash them later? Suddenly coming to a decision, Rohit moved forward slowly but steadily. She wasn’t going to get away this time. When Ritu saw him drawing closer, she suddenly raised a piercing wail. “Mummy, Rohit is trying to grab my truck again!” The antics of the twins always amused the mother.

Written for Rochelle Wisoff Field’s Fridayfotofiction.

19 Replies to “Would or Wouldn’t?”

  1. The last line, wow. This is what I love about fiction, the twists often bring smile on our faces. It might be a happy or shocked smile, but it always comes.

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