Nina & Nana in Buzz Off. Not!

articles-women-comics-buzz-off-not-giphyMosquitoes! Why do you write on such a disgusting insect you ask?  If you are like me,  you probably spent your childhood watching mosquitoes getting chewed by the “All Out”frog in the ad. The little fella next door even conducted a “scientific” experiment to see if the repellent machine actually changed to a 🐸.

If you have heard the rat and the mosquito tale of how the married (to the rat) mosquito embraces her husband and causes his death because she is forced up his nostril causing violent sneezes and ultimately the rat’s death and  you say A-ha, sounds like a nasty mosquito,  you are (NOT)  wrong.

A recent research has shown that the mosquitoes around the world are becoming immune to the common repellents. But our brilliant  scientists have come up with a creative way to wipe them out. They have been busy infecting male mosquitoes with a bacteria to make them sterile and have released 20 million of them to mate with the females so that there are no gen next!

I don’t know how they’ll keep off those horny mosquitoes off the rats though!  But maybe that’s the idea!  Those scientists sure ‘re diabolic!

Here comes Nina for her piece of action!


Read Kanika’s take below.

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