Nina & Nana in Fat Nap

beautiful beauty bloom blooming
Photo by Pixabay on

All of us love our beauty sleep and are frequently told how important sleep is for our beauty!  Of course, the most enduring beauty of the fairy kingdom was Sleeping Beauty herself who was so called because she…. er…..slept.

It’s also long been a refrain of working wives about how they put their husbands to housework because  (yes,  you got it) they need their beauty sleep. A-ha,  you say if you are a working woman. O-gosh you say if of course you are a dude reading this post. But this is just one of those times that fairy tales taught you ill. If you are a Sleeping Beauty who…er…  Oversleep, your time’s up! Wake up from dreamland as recent research has shown that excessive sleep is actually bad for health.  Here comes Nina and Nana with their opiniated…er… Opinions!


You can read my partner-in-crime kanika’s take below:

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