Nina & Nana in Martian Munchkins


Mars has always been a favourite topic of futurists and sci-fi afficianados. No less a person than Stephen Hawking himself opined that scientists should look to establish a Mars colony.

As for me,  I was totally wowed by the funny imaginative movie “My favourite Martian” starring Christopher Lloyd of Back to the future fame. If you had watched the movie,  I am sure you were as tickled by the following dialogue as me.

Uncle Martin: We don’t have love at first sight on Mars. Either it was too silly to bother with, or it was something we discarded in our Dusk Ages.

Tim O’Hara: You mean the Dark Ages?

Uncle Martin: We were never that primitive.

More recently, I of course, watched the fantastic “The Martian” movie engrossed by the thought of someone growing crops there even if it was only in a movie.

So why all the Mars talk today?  It turns out that the Mars rover “Curiosity” found differing levels of  methane than originally thought, which may be evidence of past life! 

See what Nina and Nana have to say about that today!


You can read Kanika’s take below.


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