Nina & Nana in rock in’ party!


Today is International Asteroid Day.

Researchers from around the world will gather to discuss the dangers asteroids pose to planet Earth — and what we can do to mitigate that threat.

Many of you know that an asteroid destroyed all dino life on earth but did you know that that event warmed the earth’s climate for next 100,000 years?

Fifty years ago, the first astronauts to orbit and later walk on the moon saw with their own eyes a world blasted with the countless scars – craters – of asteroid and comet impacts.

Such craters are not uncommon on earth. These scars show that our world suffers from the same 4.5 – billion – year – old cosmic bombardment process. Geologists now count about 190 craters scattered across continents and seafloors.

So what is the governments of the day doing to prepare for such a mass event, you ask? Plenty!

The world’s space agencies, with active NASA leadership, have advanced the science of asteroid detection and the identification of technologies that can nudge a rogue asteroid from its collision path with Earth. This will ensure that such technologies will slam into a harmless asteroid in 2022 and change its orbital path. The results of that bullet shot, observed by Earth astronomers and a proposed European observer craft, will tell us if we’re ready to use this “kinetic impact” method on a future threatening asteroid. Other methods, like the gravity tractor and directed energy beams, should undergo their own in-space tests, too.

So what does cheeky Nina and the sour Nana have to say about this? Read on!

Image source: Gifhy

Content source: Fox News


You can read Kanika’s take here.

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