Nina & Nana in Birthday Bargain


Carbon dioxide and peanut butter. You would probably think of trees and your morning toast, would you not? Yet, these scientists make diamonds out of them!

Dan Frost, the lead scientist is trying to prove that the earth’s mantle is made of diamonds and is trying to recreate deep earth conditions to create diamonds to prove it! Yet, doesn’t that sound vaguely familiar? Where did you watch or hear of it? That’s right, Hollywood movie “The Core” deals with this concept in length as the terranauts travel deep into earth’s core to fix the inner core rotations to save the earth. They encounter diamonds the size of cape cod and dodge them on their way into the earth’s core. Whoever said Hollywood wasn’t smart!

Our devilish Nina had hatched up a plot to torment Nana again after she read this article!


Read Kanika’s humourous description here.

Friday #KidsSpecial

We also invite you to post any interesting, surprising fact your kid shared with you, in the comments section of any Nina and Nana post, on either of our (mine or Kanika’s) blogs, and we will try our best to create a cartoon centered around the factoid. When we post the joke on a Friday, we will credit your child and tag you, if you are okay with that. You can send in a picture of your kid too if you would like that.

So little kiddies, keep those facts coming, and we’ll get cracking on cracking you up. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Mommies and daddies, please be kind enough to pass on the valuable information your kids want to share.


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