Nina & Nana in Fan Quake!

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Mexico football fans are believed to have caused a minor earthquake as they celebrated their team’s shock win over Germany at the World Cup.

Tremors were recorded in Mexico City after Hirving Lozano fired the winning goal past German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer in Russia, according to seismic monitoring agency Simmsa.

“The earthquake detected in Mexico City originated artificially,” the Mexican engineering and mining firm said.

“Possibly by massive jumps during the goal….of Mexico in the World Cup.”

The agency said at least two sensors detected the earthquake inside Mexico City at 11.32am Mexican time.

So, be sure to buckle up for today’s game! Nina & Nana sure will.
“Hey Nina, stop those jumps! This is how it gets started. Grrrrr….”


You can read Kanika’s funny take here



2 Replies to “Nina & Nana in Fan Quake!”

  1. Oh no! Nina is a contributing factor. The earth quakes almost as much as Nana does when she jumps 🙂

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