Nina & Nana in Meet Meteors!

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I am sure all of you have heard of how dinosaurs went extinct – by a meteor collision with earth in the Yucatan Peninsula. But…. Nah… I am not going to talk about dinosaurs today but meteors.

Everyday our atmosphere and the earth itself is bombarded with space rocks. They travel trillions of miles across the cold and barren outer space to reach the earth just to burn up in blazing fury when they come in contact with the atmosphere. Most of them never make it to the surface instead burning up with kinetic energy many kilometers up. But every now and then, a meteorite reaches the surface when combined with the right size and a little bit of luck.

Nina, of course, has plenty to tell you today about meteors and all its different forms today. Read on to find out more!


You can read Kanika’s take here.





2 Replies to “Nina & Nana in Meet Meteors!”

  1. That meteor was our lucky star. I doubt we could have existed in all our glory alongside dinosaurs.

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