Nina & Nana in Harappa Granpa


Image sourced from here.

It isn’t always that you come across news relating to your lineage splashed on the pages of national dailies. It is even more unusual when they completely contradict “known facts” that you “knew” all your life. This astonishing article yesterday in the Economic Times, upends decades, nay centuries, of legacy on the Indus Valley Civilization and more importantly, all our lineages!

I was initially skeptical and researched it some more. That’s when Kanika & I came across this older, more informative article. It explains how the scientists have come to these surprising conclusions. This older article does not have the news about the latest DNA evidence, which further verifies, it’s conclusions. However, very little DNA was obtained, and one sample was contaminated. So watch out for news on this subject, to find out if the residents of Harappa and Indus Valley were native Indians and Persians, or invading Aryans, as we were originally taught.

So unlearning is the new learning! Did you have enough learning, ahem, unlearning for today? See what Nina & Nana have to say about all of this!


You can read Kanika’s take here.

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