Nina & Nana in plastic eating caterpillars

96fde246-3508-44f1-a65b-b7e723f6cec7When Kanika and I read this very interesting article about plastic eating 🐛, we thought, “wow, here comes the mutant the human society desperately needs.”

A plastic addicted society and a super ninja-plastic-eating caterpillar sure seemed like a match made in heaven. But their definite earthly origins were revealed when it was revealed that  these grubby li’l insects proved the age old adage ” You ain’t shitting what you ain’t eating” as they were simply eating and excreting the plastic.

Where is a plastic man (instead of a spider man) when you need one?

You can read Kanika’s post here.


2 Replies to “Nina & Nana in plastic eating caterpillars”

  1. What happens when a plastic thor figurine meets a platic eating caterpillar? the Thor gets all chewed up with anxiety 😀

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