“Deadly Clean”

Feeling lonely? Never fear, you are never alone. How would you know, do you ask? Actually, I don’t! But be sure to pose this to your bacteroides, endolimax, methanobacteria, brevibacterium, lactobacillus, micrococcus and demodex who never leave you alone!

The world may be a cold place but your body sure isn’t! Make peace with your bacteria brethren or they’ll “piece” you from within!

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The Mental State by Kanika Gee

So who would she vote for? This was an issue that had been bugging her for sometime. She considered herself a responsible citizen. So she had carefully followed the election campaign of both the candidates and diligently reserached their policies as senators. But she hated this effective two party system. She liked the social policies of the Democrats, but thought their economic policies were harmful. On the other hand the Republicans had some despicable social policies, but their economic policies seemed more robust.

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