#Blogchatter A2Z – a funvee in the making!

Age is just a number or so they say! But when you are a mere 6 months old, every day, every action and every tiddly-winks that you engage in, becomes that much more special and that much more magical! The “you” here is my blog “The Lav Muse” which turned 6 months old recently.

And yet what a half year it has been! I have always been a passionate writer and a crazy bibliophile but this period has seen me unfurl my wings, allowed me to indulge in my crazy sci-fi writes, funny stories and most of all given me some fantastic blogger friends in Kanika (the steadfast and patient endurer of my unearthly writes), Akshata_b , Meha , Anagha & lots more.

So where does #blogchatter fit into this grand scheme of things? For starters, I realised to my dismay that I had missed the #Alexa campaign by a day when I initially started blogging, so this AtoZ challenge was just the thing I was looking for. #Blogchatter has been an inspirational enabler of many writers and helped me with a valuable book marketing campaign (my debut novella, Maya & the Mind Mystics) in Dec 2017.

So what am I looking for from this challenge? Having a full time managerial job, juggling chores at home and yet, striving to keep up at my writing is clearly not going to be easy. Yet, remembering all the fun with the digital campaign with #blogchatter, tweeting out tiny tales with #Micromondays, I have no doubt this is going to be a super fun month, connecting with fellow bloggers and planning my writes much ahead hopefully, for maintaining my usual writing standards.

” I am taking the Challenge of April with Blogchatter, are you? “

4 Replies to “#Blogchatter A2Z – a funvee in the making!”

  1. Congratulations Lavanya for reaching the half year mark of your blog. Many more to come!
    Wishing you a very successful A to Z outing!

  2. Awesome. have you chosen a theme? is it scifi or fantasy related? Good luck. Looking forward to lots of interesting reads.

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