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Chapter 1: Age of Legends! (The god, The girl and The gem)

While Bhibhatsu wondered why his mitr had led him to this desolate place, he instinctively closed his eyes he saw a sudden flash of bright light. When he reopened his eyes, he saw a boy and a girl holding a blood red stone which looked eerily similar to the Symantak stone that belonged to Aniruddha.

As they came closer, he realised they weren’t as young as he had initially thought. Aniruddha, however, smiled a huge smile of welcome at the youngsters as though he had been expecting them.

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Maya & the Mind Mystics – Sample Chapters

Join Maya, a teenager in her adventures as she is suddenly thrust into a world of mysticism & strange mind powers from an ordinary life with her mother in the city of Hong Kong. Kidnappings and strange men galore, Maya learns that the world is not what it seems and that she needs to struggle in order to achieve her destiny and potent powers in an ancient land far away from her beloved Hong Kong.

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