The gods are crazy


“That is insane.”

“You are always a skeptic. Wait and watch.”

“But what do you hope to accomplish by this crazy scribble in a dried up desert?”

“Justttttt watch.”

The nomadic tribe headman sniffed suddenly. And rushed headlong until he arrived at the gigantic heart shaped slush.

The tribe gathered around and watched as the headman dropped to his knees and began scrabbling with his bare hands like a crazed madman. The tribesmen looked on first in doubt and then with mounting excitement at the tell-tale sign of the moisture that can only be indicative of water.

Hera rubbed her hands in glee. Zeus frowned and said – ” What is the point, mine-crazed wife?”

“Water, life’s essence. Heart shape, harbinger of love and family. A clear connection in the minds of the savages now.”

“Kronos be cursed – how many more milliniea should I endure this crazy patch?!?”

Written for the amazing Priceless Joy at FFFAW

6 Replies to “The gods are crazy”

  1. Tribes have spent their lives searching for scarce life saving resources. I think their intuition should be respected.

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