The spoils


The multicoloured sunlight played in rainbow hues while Yadiel arranged his artwork for Popina’s benefit.

“Hey, Poppy. Is the fake-smile-facemask-man in the right angle?”


“Yaddy, am so glad you came with. This place gives me the creeps ever since I heard Sally’s little story.

“No worries. Ok, I am coming down.”

“Yaddy, come down here. You told me you just were going to.”

“Poppy, what are you yelling at? I am right behind you.”

“But…but…. who is that up there?”

“Don’t see anyone. What are you talking about?”

Popina gave an anguished scream and rushed away.

“Bro, come down here and scoop up the painting spoils. She ain’t coming back.”

“What a douche. Has she never heard of twins?”

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Categories: Flash fiction, What Pegman saw

16 replies

  1. Dear Lavanya,

    Identical twins can play wicked tricks like no one else, can’t they?



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  2. Those tricksters! Love how the story unfolds through dialogue.

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  3. That was great, Lavanya!
    I went to school with two sets of of identical twins. They played so many tricks on others but for some reason, I could always tell them apart!

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  4. haha. It’s back to the drawing board for me, I was going to use that picture! I am only joking, I was and I wasn’t. Nice dialogue only story.

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  5. Haha! What a bad pair of lads Yaddy and his twin are! I bet Poppy is still running!

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  6. Ah, twins and their clever little tricks. Nice one!


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