Month: January 2018

The magician

“Do you think I will give all my tricks away? This was merely a demonstration to you that I won’t be hurt by fire when I jump into it during the show.”


Ashley was excited. The day had arrived. Both of them had long planned for this day. It had taken her a bit of…. who was she kidding… lots of cajoling before Alex had agreed. #flashfiction #amwriting

The spoils

The multicoloured sunlight played in rainbow hues while Yadiel arranged his artwork for Popina’s benefit.

“Hey, Poppy. Is the fake-smile-facemask-man in the right angle?”

Cultural Cringe: An analysis of recent controversy surrounding Vairamuthu’s views

That Aandal existed and was a famed proponent of Bhakti-Mukti ideology of the 8th century was never in doubt. The recent controversy arises from the conflicting portrayal of her life story by Vairamuthu who seems to have based his research solely on another publication by a Marxist writer Daniel Selvaraj who wrote a rather dubious piece short of references and long on insinuations.

Sunlight, shadows and buttons

The dreary landscape, the rivers of blood which moistened it, the jackals that roamed freely in the dark searching for the wounded victims that nourished them day in and out – none of them occupied his thoughts now. He wondered how Stephanie and little Trey were. Did they miss him any more or had they moved ahead with their lives? Here he was anchored to a land he hated, all because of a guy who pushed big buttons which should have been out of his reach.

Malaysia – A visit and a cultural find

Gentling Highlands chief attractions are its cable car rides, the casinos, the shopping malls and of course, its famed Arena of Stars that telecasts enthralling animated story lines complete with a dazzling display of choreographed light balls. As we were travelling during the Christmas season, we were treated to stunning reindeer moving images as well as a princess themed mini movie show.

The accidental invention

The story of the origin of Donut dates back to the time before sentience appeared on the blue haven of resources that is called “The Earth”. The time when asgardians ruled the unthinking hordes on the earth was when the Donut was accidentally invented by Loki, the lord of mischief.

The Evolutionary Twist by Kanika Gee

Vespa sat looking at the scenery around. The late afternoon sunlight streaming through the trees cast an orange glow on everything. Yet, the river was bright blue. Vespa wondered if there could be any truth in what Grandma had said. No, it was impossible. She must be turning senile.