Barbie’s Bitcoin

IMG_5983Tina absently tapped on the wet car window with her left hand while her right busily tapped on her IPhone watching the mad dance of the Bitcoin trading.

Tooky, her daughter complained. 

“Mama, you are not doing it right. I want a bear on the window like last time.”

Tina absently said -“yes, yes dear. Give mama a minute.”

Tooky pouted while Tina continued her increasingly frantic phone taps. Her phone suddenly beeped and flashed a screenful of reds.

As horror crept into her already grey visage, Tina suddenly slumped in the seat.

“Mama, Mama. What happened?”

Tina turned a tear stained face and said – ” Darling, mama lost a lot of money.”

“Won’t you buy me a Barbie for my birthday party?”

“We’ll have the party and the Barbie next year.”

“But you promised…”

Linking up with Tina and Mayuri for fridayfotofiction.

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