The arrival

Mikey stared at the makeshift cocoon of POP bones that had been assembled together in the same structural bent as the wall graffiti.  He had been warned off from befouling the wall, the first time he had started painting. The finished painting had stunned the watchman of the under-construction sub-way and all his loiterer pals. The mocks of an itsy-bitsy nine year old had vanished.

The nerd in him itched to speed up the POP-cardboard-paper sculpture big reveal but he had painstakingly waited until it was complete. Today, was the day.

He had the response to his letter to the greatest art director of the generation in his hand. His heart beat painfully as he opened it. The single word printed squeezed his lungs but no, he wouldn’t be disheartened. The world would know his name and celebrate his genius.


Linking up with the amazing Priceless Joy, PC: Yinglan.

You can see details of my recently published book, Maya & the Mind Mystics here.


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