The missing muchness!

The March hare and the hatter wandered through the maze, careful not to be seen by the restless humans in their aimless wanderings. To find Alice, they must risk it all. A sojourn through this strange world devoid of muchness and it seems all things starting “M”.

What they would give right now to have a tea party at their own tea table. The Hatter reminisced of the party where Alice had first stumbled in and been stuffed into a teapot. Those were the days! Drat that white rabbit. He was supposed to guide them through this wilderness of a modern world.

Both of them turned at the pitter-patter of a pair of well known feet.

“Alice has traveled back, all the way to Frabjous day!”

“Oh no.”

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Categories: Flash fiction, What Pegman saw


15 replies

  1. Dear Lavanya,

    “Oh no?” You mean it’s not Alice. OR they really didn’t want to see her back? Charming twist on Louis Carroll.



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  2. What kind of misadventure will they get into next? What a great setting for that cast of characters!

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  3. A fabulous take on this frabjous day. Nice to see fantasy here. 😊

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  4. Poor things, all at sea in a modern world. I bet they’ll have fun adventures, though 🙂

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  5. I also agree – charming take on LC (and I read your reply to Rochelle – and the spillover effect … ahhhhh – I see)
    have a great week and happy holidays if we do not connect again by that time


  6. Beware the Jabberwoky! Like the playful tone here.

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  7. Very interesting piece. Loved it.

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