Maya & the Mind Mystics book tour

Hi folks. Thanks for stopping by. Most of you are familiar with my fiction blogs, sci-fi content and the occasional newspaper article. With all the buzz around my newly released book, I decided to let my characters do all the talking, describing what my novella is all about!

(Curtains up!)

Har: Hey dudes and gals! So happy to see you guys! (Been trying to get Maya outta my hair for a while!)… Ooch… Maya, I thought you went shopping with Aks?

Maya: No way. I knew you were up to something sneaky. Move over. I am going to save this poor reader from your usual mix of crazy and weird. Hiya folks.

Har: Ok, ok. I want a lemonade anyways.

Maya:  So, I would prefer to do much  more fun things today but my biographer (Lav) pretty much confined me to the house until I take you’ll on a virtual tour. Lav, why did I promise to do this, again?

Lav: Because I made you the freaking heroine of my book. Get your butt back to the couch and do your thing.

Maya: Ok, ok. So, if you are still there, here goes the non-story of my life until I turned 18. I went to school, hung out with my aunt way too much (I know, I know. I am a complete dweeb) and fended off Har’s craziness in school and outside out of the goodness of my heart.

Har: Sure, you did.

Maya: I thought I told you to butt out?

Har: (Grumpily) Fine.

Maya: Well, what really unleashed all the mystifying stuff was when I turned 18. Boy, was that a birthday! Short story – Har and I went to Disneyland, bad, burly boys kicked Har, I saw red and whipped their a….er….legs. They ran away. I went home. THE END.

Har: You liar! You know what happened after that. The same burlos kidnapped you, you did your hocus-pocus again, they hurriedly released ya. Aks gave you her version of “Fantastic beasts and where to find them” about your wonder-woman abilities…….

Aks: That’s enough chatter boy. I thought both Lav and Maya asked you to be quiet? Go and feed Luna.

Har: But Luna hates me…. well, fine. Suit yourself. I am making myself scarce.

Aks: Good.

If, you, the reader is still wondering what happened after that, here is what I saw in those fancy book poster descriptions:

“A girl. Her aunt. A boy. 

Join Maya, a teenager in her adventures as she is suddenly thrust into a world of mysticism & strange mind powers from an ordinary life with her mother in the city of Hong Kong. Kidnappings and strange men galore, Maya learns that the world is not what it seems and that she needs to struggle in order to achieve her destiny and potent powers in an ancient land far away from her beloved Hong Kong. Accompanying her on this epic journey is her enigmatic aunt joined at times by her childhood friend. 

As the trio travel to places hitherto untrodden, they encounter mind numbing betrayals, inexplicable happenings and a frenemy whose actions are inscrutable.”

Maya: Well, that’s a load of bull crap. I don’t like these literary types spinning moonlight outta everything. But, yeah, Lav got a few things right there. I get kidnapped a few times by different people, learn a bunch of fanciful names for a bunch of mysticky stuff, travel to a few places starting with a “P” (that’s what you get when stuck with a bunch of old fogies), do stuff so freaky that it…er…. freaked me out and basically bail out Har everywhere and rescue Aks a few times. That’s it. Easy-peasy.

Har: You fibber! Who saved you……

Lav: Maya, Har, Aks. Thank you very much for joining us today. We’ll continue this chatter next week.

Har: Maya got one thing RIGHT! Damn these literary types. Um… sorry Lav, didn’t see you there. Yes, yes. I am leaving now.

(Curtain closes)

To buy Maya & Mind Mystics and for book preview:Click Here



  1. […] Lavanya is a 30 something chartered accountant with a love for the written word. An international banking professional by day, Lavanya dabbles in sci-fi, short fiction and humour pieces in her blog, Lavanya has also authored the fantasy thriller “Maya & the Mind Mystics” and is a crazy fan of the Wodehouse universe of dry humour. A post she would like some more traffic on is here […]

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  2. Seems like an interesting story line! I am old school and love to read a book, holding it in my hand 🙂 If the link would have taken me to the hard copy version I would have already purchased it even before commenting here! Anyway, good luck with the book 🙂

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