Do you see me?

The setting sun was an omen. The masses toiled by the sun and enjoyed its life giving warmth but I wondered how many missed the coolness of the night and the other stars that the sun outshone everyday.

As I watched from thousands of miles away, I mused on how many, really had missed me and my journey. Here I was, tracing the same path seventy-six years later; yet it was the daily rise of the golden orb that all living things craved for.

With the bracing yet distant proximity of my journey away from the yellow sphere, I cannot but sigh at the fickleness of the humans.

I am the Comet Halley, returned yet again to trace my blazing path through the heavens! Do you see me?

Linking up with the amazing Priceless Joy, PC: Footy & Foodie.

You can see details of my recently published book, Maya & the Mind Mystics here.


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