Month: November 2017

I am

I am still here.

I hear the sound of betrayal.

I see the the dark light of the impending doom.

I pretend I don’t notice.

Maya & the Mind Mystics book tour

Hi folks. Thanks for stopping by. Most of you are familiar with my fiction blogs, sci-fi content and the occasional newspaper article. With all the buzz around my newly released book, I decided to let my characters do all the talking, describing what my novella is all about! 

The Gift

Maya’s face turned red as she looked at a photo of what looked like a mixture of hazelnut ice cream and mud over her face along with a magnificent black eye

Do you see me?

The setting sun was an omen. The masses toiled by the sun and enjoyed its life giving warmth but I wondered how many missed the coolness of the night and the other stars that the sun outshone everyday.

As the wind blew…

The cradle teddies swung sadly in endless circles in the strong breeze blowing through the window. Mack the middle one whispered as he passed by Jorge.

“Do you think Bink would ever come back?”

Toddy replied before Jorge could get a word in.

“Why do you care? You were the one who always grumbled when he pulled too hard or tried to kick you with his infant legs.”

The wanderer

Patrick sighed at the hot sun as he moved on the barren piece of land over which the toughest of the grass struggled to survive on. It was a war, Patrick decided, between the unforgiving sun and the hard land on one side and the puny, stunted and yet unyielding blades of grass on the other.

The Tangy Tabbies

Maya and Har were on one of their usual neighbourhood jaunts when they heard the tale of “The Tangy Tabbies” so named because they had a weird addiction to Tang, the mixed drink. Har just couldn’t resist a good story…. Read More ›