The illicit conversation

Ellie had sneaked off to the cabin by the lake as usual. She usually “borrowed” her dad’s key without his knowledge when he went on his weekend trips with Uncle Tom. The tree on the grounds had been her refuge after her mother had left home.

While swinging her legs half way up the tree, she noticed her dad and Uncle Tom enter the cabin with the spare key. She listened horrified to their conversation and sped up to the nearest phone booth. When a male voice answered, she panted – “911, there is a bomb in Central Station. Hurry!”

Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Friday Fictioneers.  Linking up here.


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20 replies

  1. That’s a completely different version of Uncle Tom’s Cabin!

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  2. Yikes! and there I was thinking about Brokeback Mountain. Clever bit of deception, Lavanya.

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  3. Well, I knew they were up to no good from the start, but the ending still surprised me!


  4. Good girl, Ellie. Wonder what fate awaits her now, though, with her mother away.
    Nice story with a great twist .

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  5. Dear Lavanya,

    You’ve written quite a lot of story in 100 words. This left me breathless. Well done.



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  6. Whoa! That was a surprise. Nicely done.

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  7. So Uncle Tom may not have been “Tom” after all. Or even an “Uncle”. Insane…and well done!

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  8. That suddenly changed direction! Delightfully different Lavanya

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  9. Cor, that was a shock! Shopped her own dad without a second’s hesitation. Great response to the prompt, original and effective.

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