The clash of titans

Captain Stevenson watched as the hostile naval ship disguised as a fishing trawler neared. The conflicting emotions on his face were apparent to all the sailors who watched him and the comms equipment with bated breath.

The standoff had been many months in the making while the grey hairs on both sides had laboured to cool down the inflamed tensions and broker a truce. With the war mongering reaching a crescendo, Captain Stevenson had been ordered to push the detested red button that he had hoped he would never be asked to push.

The comms equipment squawked out the correct authorisation codes. The decision had been made. Captain steeled himself and walked to the open deck and shouted out – “We surrender. My ship has been damaged.”

The man in the fishing trawler looked out confused – Captain Stevenson was amazed to see the clueless face of a native fisherman gawking at him.

(150 words)

Thanks to the amazing Priceless Joy for the challenge.

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