A wormhole and a missing link in her life!


Maya sat alone, sadly, in the same table where she usually sat with Kushal on their anniversary. Chimpu, the owner, served her himself with a grieved glance at her drooping profile.

She still remembered Kushal’s enthusiastic monologue on their first anniversary – “Babe, I can’t believe I am saying this but multiverse travel through wormholes is possible! I just have to perfect the technology!  We’ll be the first universe hoppers in our world!”

She had smiled at his enthusiasm and shaken her head. That enthusiasm was what had gotten to him in the end. A blast at his lab had resulted in everything burnt to cinders. They hadn’t even be able to find his remains.

She looked up interrupted at her train of memories to see the handsome man sitting opposite to her. Kushal smiled at her and said – “I told you I would have the tech ready for you by our 10th anniversary – didn’t I?”

Author’s note: I have always been a sci-fi nut and wanted to write this week’s prompt on my pet topic. Will quantum physics ever make multiverse travel a reality? For those who are a little rusty on this topic, please use the ever helpful wiki for a refresher:


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Tina Basu


17 Replies to “A wormhole and a missing link in her life!”

  1. Time and space travel is a pet topic of mine. I wrote a story sometime back in this genre. Glad to see a fellow enthusiast. My only query about this fantastic story is what is the time lapse that has taken place in this story. I’m not able to form a clear picture about the sequence of events. Maybe I should go ahead and assume he comes back after a year.

  2. Excited! I love sci-fi too and so happy to read your take. Yes I think very soon, time travel will be possible or as the conspiracy theories say, it already is done?

    1. Hi Mua, there is a well documented story of Andrew basiago in the US claims to be a part of US govt kids team who time travelled and met Obama and other future presidents. In fact he claims Obama was a time traveller himself! As to its veracity, I leave it to your imagination. Extremely glad to meet a fellow sci fi nut

      1. Wow! Thanks for intriguing me again. I am definitely going to obsessively google on this.

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