The walk

Little Anna was excited. Everyone in the apartment block she lived in were planning to walk down for the blessing of candles feast in the local Byzantine church.

She had wanted to go as well, but her mom, a closet atheist had refused to come herself or let Anna go.

Anna had watched from her window and unable to contain herself, had worn her hooded parka and slipped out of her flat.

Remembering a similar walk her school seniors had done for environment, she ran back and picked up the old sign. Papering a new chart over, she thought hard and wrote down the only word she had understood from Father Thomas’ speech when he had visited her school.

She ran up to the front of the procession where Mr. Rodriguez, her neighbour was, who smiled at her.

She had snuck out and was now leading the procession. She had done it!

Thanks to the amazing Priceless Joy for the challenge and Elaine for the photo prompt.

17 Replies to “The walk”

  1. A true atheist does not force his beliefs on others. Anna’s mom might be just deluded. I’m more of an agnostic but I have no issues whatsoever with the rest of my family believing in their Gods.

    1. These days parents force their views on children more and more on a variety of issues. Anna’s mom belongs to this category unfortunately. Thanks for writing in Varad.

  2. Nice little girl. Then again parenting doesn’t come with a manual hey, everyone just tries to do what they see is fit. Sometimes they are wrong sometimes they are right.

  3. It’s not unusual for parents to raise their children with their own values. Eventually though, the children grow and decide for themselves.

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