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The art of saying “No”

Saying “No” is the biggest challenge all of us face whether at the work place or at home. If you are a career woman, the chances are you are either highly overworked at both home and office or guilt ridden for always missing that meeting or worrying at all the home chores you left behind. How that “No” is communicated makes a world of difference. In workplace, the context and the tone and tenor is an important subtext.

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The return

The piazza beckoned to Bobby as he stood at the zebra crossing. It has been a quarter century ago that he had left his birthplace to that hodgepodge of cultures, the US. He had lived and prospered there but his heart had always hankered after the country of his birth, the country that had turned him away because of what

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A singed booty – #Tiny tales

He said – “The deal is done. The goods are there. You will get your cut of the booty on Friday.” She said – “For heaven’s sake, stop watching that idiotic pirate anime. What time will Mrs. P pay for the painting on Friday?” Mrs.P who just had walked in said – “When the buccaneer delivers without singeing the edges.”

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