Month: October 2017

The art of saying “No”

Saying “No” is the biggest challenge all of us face whether at the work place or at home. If you are a career woman, the chances are you are either highly overworked at both home and office or guilt ridden for always missing that meeting or worrying at all the home chores you left behind. How that “No” is communicated makes a world of difference. In workplace, the context and the tone and tenor is an important subtext.

Theologically yours!

Ted glanced idly at the newspaper, all the while pretending to be absorbed in the words in front of him. He was keenly aware of Martha’s hesitant steps towards him as well as her pained glances.

He-who-ain’t named

He had journeyed many miles to reach the spot. The spot which locals revered as the place where the sky met the land. Even the swamp breathed an aura of mysticism and his eyes couldn’t quite trace the spot where… Read More ›

The return

The piazza beckoned to Bobby as he stood at the zebra crossing. It has been a quarter century ago that he had left his birthplace to that hodgepodge of cultures, the US. He had lived and prospered there but his… Read More ›

The profitable service

Sonu watched the flickering embers with satisfaction. He had turned blue with cold huddling in the street of Delhi before he found the loose stack of pages lying in the pavement where it lay fluttering in the wind. Crouching quickly… Read More ›

But there was a criminal

  Ronu searched the backyard as his mother screamed at him to grab naughty Noddu who had snatched her pie. Ronu dived into the quivering shrubbery where he got his half of the pie. Linking up with¬†Varad¬†and Namy who host… Read More ›