The pursuer becomes the pursued

The smiling alleyway wreathed in hot afternoon sun and the onset of evening shadows couldn’t hold Barty’s interest.

The thief had run into the alley and his men were covering both the exits. Barty entered the first doorway and found a red faced cook in the middle of preparing a soufflé.

Barging past, he was almost at the other door, when he felt something sticky hit the back of his head.

When he came to, he was tied up and gagged.

His noiseless screams were never heard as he was dropped into the Rbia.

20 Replies to “The pursuer becomes the pursued”

  1. It started off like one of those spy films set in a country like Morocco where they’re always running through doorways and through kitchens, but Barty didn’t seem to have the smarts those characters do!

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